Samuel I. White, P.C.Samuel I. White, P.C., is a Virginia Beach, VA based law firm specializing in default services, real estate, and litigation. We provide broad legal representation to mortgage lenders and servicers, assisting them with the resolution of non-performing assets in a timely fashion.  Our comprehensive, common sense approach streamlines the default process, mitigates our clients’ risk and expedites the transaction. 

A key to our success is a fully integrated approach to our client’s needs including the utilization of state of the art technology coupled with an integration of systems and practice areas to enhance efficiency.  Specializing in all aspects of the default process, Samuel I. White, P.C. offers creditor representation in bankruptcy, foreclosure, eviction, title curative, title insurance, real estate settlements & REO closing services, and a full array of defense and regulatory litigation services. 

The firm’s reputation of delivering promised results on a consistent basis has earned us the unique honor of serving as counsel for national mortgage lenders and both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  These industry distinctions are a direct result of our dedication, diligence and commitment to professional and ethical representation of the mortgage servicing and default industries, superior timeline management and the ability to offer cradle-to-grave default services throughout Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

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