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ForeclosureWith over 50 year’s experience, Samuel I. White, P.C. has earned a reputation of excellence unmatched by any other firm in Virginia.  We have carried the tradition of quality into West Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. 

Samuel I. White, P.C.’s highly professional staff provides top quality service, even on the most complex cases.  Our firm’s commitment to technology allows us to process and exchange information with the highest efficiency.  In addition, we exercise the flexibility needed to operate in an ever-changing legal and regulatory environment.

Our expertise is recognized throughout the industry:

  • Freddie Mac Designated Counsel:  Virginia
  • Fannie Mae Retained Attorney Network:  Virginia and Maryland
  • Founding member of the United States Foreclosure Network (USFN), a group of law firms committed to providing the superior service demanded by servicers of defaulted loans. 

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the near future. 

Can I see the property prior to the sale?
Until the auction is completed, the property owner still retains ownership. This firm does not see any of the properties prior to sale and has no information on how many rooms, bathrooms, etc. are in the property or the condition of the property.

What if I am the successful bidder and the property is occupied?
If you are the successful bidder and property is still occupied, it will be your responsibility to start eviction proceedings. If you are the successful bidder, you have fifteen (15) days to produce the balance of the bid. If you are unable to close within the fifteen (15) days, you may request an extension of an additional fifteen (15) days but will be assessed per diem interest from the 16th day until you close.

Bidder's deposit - what is acceptable?
A cashier's or certified check payable to yourself is generally the rule of thumb. By making it payable to yourself, you may redeposit the check into your account if you are not the successful bidder. We will accept cash, but prefer a check. Personal checks are not accepted.

What if I cannot close?
If you are the successful bidder and are unable to complete the purchase, your deposit will be forfeited and the property will be reset for foreclosure sale.

The information set forth above is of a general nature only, and is intended to address some of the questions frequently asked by individuals interested in participating in a foreclosure auction. This material is not intended to be construed as legal advice. Samuel I. White, P.C. makes no representations with respect to the information contained herein, shall not be responsible for any inaccuracy or omission which may exist, and shall bear no liability for any damages suffered by any person in reliance thereon. Prospective bidders should seek legal representation in order to fully protect their legal rights.



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